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Patrick's historic campaign is endorsed by

Washington's Tribes, Communities & Leaders

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“Patrick personifies the qualities Tulalip looks for in public servants...he leads with integrity, compassion and a willingness to listen to all voices… Tulalip recognizes what makes Patrick DePoe special is that he embodies the Coast Salish culture, and our way of life. He is the rightful possessor of knowledge that is essential to fighting climate change, and preserving Washington’s lands for future generations.”

Teri Gobin, Tulalip Chairwoman

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"Patrick’s Tribal community depends on natural resources for their culture and their livelihoods which shapes his approach to conservation, natural resources and rural economic development. His life experience, deep knowledge of land management and thoughtful leadership make him uniquely qualified to lead this department.I'm proud to endorse Patrick because he's the most qualified person and will make an outstanding Commissioner of Public Lands."


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"I completely support Patrick DePoe. He's a Democrat. He's a Makah Tribal member and he's one hell of a good human being. I'm really proud to call Patrick a friend. Now is the time for our indigenous people to tell our story - and I think he'll be a great candidate for this position."

Willie Frank III, Chairman of the Nisqually Tribe


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