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"He’s capable of forging tough conversations between industry interests and conservationists; in urban communities and those more remote like his Olympic Peninsula home; and between the state’s distinctive tribal nations, federal agencies and members of Congress."


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"I proudly endorse Patrick DePoe for Public Lands Commissioner.  His commitment to forest restoration, rural economic development, and wildfire prevention and his focus on creating opportunities in resource-dependent communities and fostering inclusivity in environmental decisions demonstrate a balanced and thoughtful approach to land management. I believe Patrick DePoe is the leader we need to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for Washington's natural landscapes and communities."

Norm Dicks,  retired Congressman (WA-06)

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“Patrick personifies the qualities Tulalip looks for in public servants...he leads with integrity, compassion and a willingness to listen to all voices…Tulalip recognizes what makes Patrick DePoe special is that he embodies the Coast Salish culture, and our way of life. He is the rightful possessor of knowledge that is essential to fighting climate change, and preserving Washington’s lands for future generations.”

Teri Gobin, Tulalip Chairwoman

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"I completely support Patrick DePoe. He's a Democrat. He's a Makah Tribal member and he's one hell of a good human being. I'm really proud to call Patrick a friend. Now is the time for our indigenous people to tell our story - and I think he'll be a great candidate for this position."

Willie Frank III, Chairman of the Nisqually Tribe

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"Patrick’s Tribal community depends on natural resources for their culture and their livelihoods which shapes his approach to conservation, natural resources and rural economic development. His life experience, deep knowledge of land management and thoughtful leadership make him uniquely qualified to lead this department.I'm proud to endorse Patrick because he's the most qualified person and will make an outstanding Commissioner of Public Lands."


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"Environmental justice can't just be a political talking point. We need a Commissioner of Public Lands that has spent their life tearing down systems of oppression and marginalization and standing up to powerful special interests on behalf of all communities. That's why I'm proud to endorse Patrick DePoe. From his time as Vice-Chair of the Makah Tribe to serving as Co-Chair of the Environmental Justice Council and for two decades as a first responder, Patrick has shown his values with actions not political rhetoric."

State Senator Yasmin Trudeau

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"Serving on the Seattle City Council, I've seen how divisiveness can cause dysfunction, and the impact of effective leadership in such positions. I endorse Patrick because he listens and knows how to bring all sides together - qualities we desperately need in our next public lands commissioner as we face serious threats from climate change."

Debora Juarez, Seattle City CounciloR

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"The Suquamish Tribe proudly endorses Patrick DePoe for Washington State Lands Commissioner.  Patrick has spent his life fighting to protect the lands and waters of Washington.  Patrick’s ability to bring people together to find common ground and real solutions is very much needed in this challenging time as impacts from climate change are growing more present each day.  We need leaders who will fight for clean water for our salmon, breathable air for our communities, and safe lands to practice our treaty rights upon and Patrick DePoe is that leader."

The Suquamish Tribe

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"Patrick is uniquely qualified to be the Commissioner of Public Lands. He is the only candidate who has worked for the state Department of Natural Resources; (he is currently on the Executive Team). As a treaty commercial fisherman, land manager, and 6-year member of the Makah Tribal Council, Patrick has a wealth of knowledge about environmental policy, from forest health and wildfire prevention to habitat restoration and sustainable economic development in rural communities. He also has leadership experience across a wide range of environmental management organizations, including the Pacific Fishery Management Council, the Northwest Indian Fish Commission, the Washington Environmental Justice Council, and many more. Patrick’s campaign is historic: if he wins, he will be the first Native American elected to statewide office in the Pacific Northwest."

Advance Native Political Leadership

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Marilyn Strickland

Congresswoman WA-10

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Jessyn Farrell

Director, Seattle Office of Sustainability

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Rosita Worl

President, Sealaska Heritage Institute

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David Bean

Former Chair Puyallup Tribal Council

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Rick Hughes

Former County Councilmember, San Juan County

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Phil Anderson

Pacific Salmon Commissioner and Former Director of

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Martin Sensmeier

Actor/Star of The Magnificent Seven

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Jon Quitslund

City Councilmember, Bainbridge Island

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Claudia Kauffman

WA State Senator


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