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Patrick DePoe is the most qualified to be commissioner of public lands. It’s why the Seattle Times endorsed him, calling him the “best candidate to tackle” the “urgent and complex environmental challenges” facing our state. Patrick currently works at our state's Department of Natural Resources, is a commercial fisherman, a land manager, and a tribal leader. He’s worked in emergency response, cleaning up oil spills, fighting wildfires, and leading preventative work to improve our lands and waters. He’s seen firsthand how public policy impacts our environment and our livelihoods. That’s why Hilary Franz–the outgoing Commissioner of Public Lands–has endorsed Patrick for the job. 

Democrat Patrick DePoe understands the importance of caring for and living off the land: for him, sustainability is a way of life. Patrick is Native American, grew up on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, and would not only be the first Native American elected statewide in the Pacific Northwest, but one of the first in American history. We have a lot to learn from rural communities like his who depend on natural resources for survival. It’s why Patrick will have a balanced approach to forest management and will make sure stakeholders from rural and underrepresented communities have a seat at the table. As commissioner, he’ll protect all that is great about our state, its lands and the people they sustain. 

Patrick DePoe is the leader we need now to tackle the climate crisis and fight wildfires. As temperatures warm and wildfires rage, we don’t have time for on-the-job training. As commissioner, Patrick will scale programs that are working, while also identifying opportunities to innovate:, finding ways to plant new trees and capture carbon on burned lands. Patrick is the only candidate who can hit the ground running: he’s worked in emergency response, fighting wildfires and he understands the intersection between creating good-paying union jobs in rural communities and achieving climate sustainability goals. 


Sadly, Patrick’s opponent Dave Upthegrove supports a reckless proposal to cut $200 million in local school funding generated by our public lands.  Patrick will protect that funding and has earned the endorsement of Washington’s Education Association representing teachers. As schools across the state face major funding shortfalls, this would be devastating to already shrinking school budgets across the state and lay waste to rural schools in particular.


Dave Upthegrove is a career politician from Seattle who’s been running for office for more than two decades. He has no on-the-ground experience to qualify him to manage our state’s public lands. Patrick’s diverse experiences: working at our state's Department of Natural Resources, as a commercial fisherman, a land manager, and a tribal leader–mean he’ll be ready to lead this office on day one.

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